Updated: Jan 20

Written by Sarra Culleno for the collection: 'Life in the time of #COVID'

"After my revolution, you might learn

to be free" said the world who's axis turned

grounds, skies and sea. Hadrian's Wall forgot

his enemy. London Bridge was left bereft of

feet to carry. There was no circus in

Piccadilly. At first, the oxygen

was not free; ventilated only for

bourgeoisie. True love was absence,

not intimacy.

All creatures, have need for

hibernating. At last, our own cubs we

are rearing. Cage bars, like origami fold

into art’s framing; three dimensions we

are gaining. Perspective, like overgrown

gardens clearing, and hereby,

overstuffed wardrobes

emptying, so apt rewards we will be

demanding for brave frontliners

duty serving. For redistribution we

are clapping. The revolution is beautifying.

Watch Sarra read 'World-Woking' in the video below:

London born and Manchester based, Sarra Culleno is a poet, mother and English teacher who performs at poetry events across the UK. She writes about children’s rights, motherhood, identity, gender, age, technology, the environment, politics, modern monogamy and education. Sarra is widely published. She features in many podcasts and radio shows, and was longlisted for the 'Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize'. Sarra co-hosts 'Write Out Loud' at Waterside Arts, and has performed as guest poet at numerous literary festivals.


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