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A contemporary collection of poetry in question of our existence.

'Awaiting Dawn: Echoes of a Haunted Soul' is a mix of everything that keeps our hearts beating and our souls alive. It touches on existential issues that pervade society, from depression and loneliness to the joys of self-discovery and starting afresh. It looks at hope and contentment while challenging us to be unsatisfied with the status quo. 

It tackles social justice issues briefly by investigating themes of education for girls (gender parity), sexual violence, migration, incarceration, disaster, and poverty while exploring the evolving landscape of women’s empowerment in today's world. It also seeks to explore our responsibility to mother earth and delve into our relationship with the creator.

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In the winter of 2016, after sending her DNA to to be tested, Christine Jacobsen confirmed the secret her mother had half-revealed fifty years earlier: The White man who had raised her was not her biological father. Christine was not of full Danish descent after all. Instead, she discovered that a quarter of the blood flowing through her veins is West African. Her sense of self immediately crumbled. Who was she? Who was her biological father? Did the father who raised her, now deceased, know about this? Her search for identity led her to a Black dancer from the Bahamas. In fact, it led her to two Black dancers – her father and grandfather. In Dancing Around the Truth, the author grapples with questions about race, her family, and a sense of belonging. It’s the story of her quest to find her ancestral roots. And it’s the story about a White woman’s reckoning with the Black part of herself.

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The True Story of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road."


Fueled by coffee and pea soup, Jack Kerouac speed-typed "On the Road" in just three weeks in April 1951. He'd been traveling America for the past ten years and now, at last, the furious energy of his experiences flowed through his fingertips in a mad rush, pealing forth on a makeshift scroll that he laboriously taped together. The "On the Road scroll" has since become a literary legend, and now "Burning Furiously Beautiful" sets the record straight, uncovering, among other things, the true story behind one of America's greatest novels. "Burning Furiously Beautiful" explores the real lives of the key characters of the novel. Ride along on the real-life adventures through 1940s America that inspired "On the Road." By tracing the evolution of Kerouac's literary development and revealing his startlingly original writing style, this book explains how it took years-not weeks-to ultimately write the seemingly sporadic 1957 novel, "On the Road."

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'Thoughts and Memories' is an eclectic collection of poems. The collection reflects the yearning of the Christian heart and the struggles a believer encounters on a day to day basis. These are poems of encouragement and poems as prayers. It calls to believers and non-believers alike to dive deeper into their relationship with the creator.

Though most of these poems were originally written for an African audience – Nigerian to be specific, nonetheless, this book has a poem for everyone; it crosses cultural barriers by bringing to life the realities we face every day and the circumstances constantly surrounding us as individuals.

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To protect her daughter from the fast life and bad influences of London, her mother sent her to school in rural Ghana. The move was for the girl’s own good, in her mother’s mind, but for the daughter, the reality of being the new girl, the foreigner-among-your-own-people, was even worse than the idea.

During her time at school, she would learn that Ghana was much more complicated than her fellow ex-pats had ever told her, including how much a London-raised child takes something like water for granted. In Ghana, water “became a symbol of who had and who didn’t, who believed in God and who didn’t. If you didn’t have water to bathe, you were poor because no one had sent you some.”

Price: US$ 14.99 (Kindle), US$ 19.99 (Paperback)

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