Valiant Scribe sits at the nexus of faith and social issues. Independent of each other and complementary of the other. It seeks to shine a light on topics ranging from violence against women, WASH, forced labor, human trafficking, criminal justice, mental health, empowerment impediments to climate change, poverty, and migration.

It is an initiative trying to raise awareness for human rights worldwide in simple, digestible works of art and literature that can appeal to all.

This attempt is accomplished through literary and philanthropic collaborations with social justice organizations and ad-hoc projects.

It calls to writers and artists who have a heart for the human condition.

We accept previously published or unpublished creative nonfiction, flash fiction, poetry, devotionals on issues highlighted above. Selected works will be posted on this website and published in upcoming anthologies. More information is available on the submit tab.


We are looking for valiant literature from valiant scribes.

We are also interested in supporting projects and initiatives in line with the above topic areas through our philanthropic arm. 

To learn more or discuss possible work let's talk >>


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