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High School Student


Valiant Scribe Scholarship for Primary & Secondary School Students in Nigeria


In honor of Naomi Kambai Ayis

2023/2024 School Year

Scholarship Application Period:
January 7th, 2023 - April
 30th, 2023 

About the Scholarship:
Valiant Scribe sits at the nexus of faith and social issues. Independent of each other and complementary of the other. It is an initiative to raise awareness for human rights worldwide. We believe e
very child has a right to an education to function in a global society. We believe literacy is the key to empowerment, innovation, human rights, and freedom.

This scholarship is in honor of Naomi Kambai Ayis a lifelong educator in Nigeria until her passing on May 23rd, 2020. For the inaugural year, the scholarship will support well-performing, low-income, primary and secondary students (elementary to high school) in Nigeria.

Applicants must:
Be primary or secondary school students enrolled in school;
Be in financial need;
Be resident in 
Have strong academic or extracurricular performance.

The scholarship will cover the school fees for the school y
ear (three terms) in an amount not to exceed CAD $300
In some instances, fees for books, uniforms, and other supplies will also
be covered. 
Further terms and conditions apply and will be communicated
to applicants in the form below.


Shortlisted candidates will be contacted shortly

Awardees to be announced soon


Causes We Care About



Knickers for New Life

Valiant Scribe supports Knickers for New Life's mission to keep girls in school in Uganda. 


Valiant Scribe sponsored the hygiene needs of 32 girls for the 2019/2020 school year and 20 girls for 2020/2021 and has partnered to support the renovation of Kamuli House, a project by New Life Primary School to house ten girls who live too far to walk to school or who are orphaned.


If you'd like to learn more or support KFNL, please visit their website at:

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