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Wonder, a Poem by Oyetayo Eniola

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Running around sometime around midday

Attending mother’s chores

I remember her whom I never knew

Her who is not

The sister my sister never knew

And I wonder as to what she would have been

Her likeness, her voice, her love, her--

Once again, my thoughts are cut short

As I run to answer mother’s call

The mother of her whom I never knew

Free again

I return to my thoughts


Wondering upon her who is not

Wondering on how she would have been

Wondering about her place in the household I now occupy

Wondering of the how

Of how she would have smiled

Of how she would have laughed

Of how she would have danced

Of how she would have thought

Thoughts also of how she now feels

As her name is now one almost forgotten

Her visuals I never saw

And I hope you do not feel forgotten

For forever are you with us

And again I wonder

Wondering upon the wonders which I have wondered,

As my mind also wanders to memories of wonders witnessed

Wonders hidden in plain sight

Causing me to wonder, as to how such wonders are not seen as the wonders they are.

And that is what you are to me

A wonder

One never to be fully known or understood

And in my selfish selflessness

I wonder as to if your existence would have spelt to me inexistence

Would I be here? there?

Or nowhere.


Oyetayo, Eniola (preferably Oblivion) is a 21-year-old, student of meteorology and climate science in Lagos, Nigeria. He is an Afrocentric creative inspired by the originality of African culture and civilization. When not writing he listens to music, reads novels, and researches history.

You can reach him on Twitter @ankarawhore


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