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Kingdom of Chaos, a Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

Photo by Museums Victoria

We don’t want your money,

just your soul

on a silver platter

served to order

for our warm feast

while we spit out your raw famine.

We don’t want your respect,

just your energy and time,

just your mind


to the frequency

of propagandized pestilence.

We don’t want your love,

just your heart

bled dry

as every vein

withers in the winter wind

while our chalice remains

ever full to the point of overflowing.

We don’t want your vote,

just your faith

that such a course of action

can actually influence

the order in which our puppets

dance to a song of chaos

upon the public stage.

We don’t want your salute,

just your obedience,

just your hands

kept where we can see them

while your feet continue marching

to the drumbeat of our wars.

We don’t want your laws,

just your land,

just your culture,

just your customs,

just your heritage,

just your traditions

snuffed out

beneath the global kingdom


at our command.


Scott Thomas Outlar is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He now lives and writes in Frederick, Maryland. His work has been nominated multiple times for both the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. He guest-edited the Hope Anthology of Poetry from CultureCult Press as well as the 2019-2023 Western Voices editions of Setu Mag. He is the author of seven books, including Songs of a Dissident (2015), Abstract Visions of Light (2018), Of Sand and Sugar (2019), and Evermore (2021 - written with co-author Mihaela Melnic). Selections of his poetry have been translated and published in 14 languages. He has been a weekly contributor at Dissident Voice for the past nine years. More about Outlar's work can be found at


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