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"When Loss Lingers", a Poem by Amelia Thompson

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

When Loss Lingers -Contemporary Poetry


When loss lingers

by Amelia Thompson

When loss lingers

Upending you of the hope of its departure


You’ll always live in lack

Only caressing dreams of that abundant life

That abundant lie

Lingering to remind you of all your inadequacy

All of your inequity

Forget the cross

Take up this loss, on your back

Shouldering it like it's a confidant

When loss lingers you lose the desire to carry on

And on these winds it sets its sail

Hoping you sail away with it

Losing yourself in its winds of lessened hope

Not as dark as hopeless but not far off

Off black

To color all of your days

Losstinged eyes don't cry

For even here 

tears have lost

their way


Amelia completed undergraduate studies at Vassar College and graduate school at St. John’s University. She loves pad see ew and currently serves in the Youth and Community Affairs Departments at her local church, Christian Cultural Center. With friends, she uses poetry to help build community. Find out more at Contact her at



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