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Waiting for Spring, a Poem by Val Smit

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

When the frosts of winter had ceased

Its snows melted

Its cutting winds ameliorated;

The pain will subside

Our blood in our veins no longer frozen;

Spring will draw on

Greenness will grow over the brown beds

Refreshing it daily

Suggesting the thought that Hope travelled there at night

And left each morning brighter traces of her steps

VaL Smit ©


VaL Smit is a South African artist and poet based in Cape Town. She writes ekphrastic poetry per artwork created and uses various media in portraying images that she feels fitting to deliver the message of the words she pens down. She focuses on the inner turmoil experienced by our disconnectedness from nature and each other. Her work has been published in various online journals including GloMag India, The Chachalaca Review, The West Review, The Raconteur Review, Literary Garland and Valiant Scribe.


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