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Uncertain, a Poem by Carol Kanter

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

For the collection: 'Life in the time of #COVID'

Uncertain - Contemporary Poetry

Whoever puts much faith

in seers, crystal balls, tarot cards

tea leaves, palm readings

black cats or four-leaf clovers,

séance rappings or voodoo dolls?

While some at least take note

of where and when our stars align

and predicted dates for Armageddon—

if just to prove how right or wrong—

we basically teeter clueless as to

What our futures hold,

as has always been the case

but suddenly Coronavirus finds us

more uncertain, more

conscious of how iffy the road ahead

Which all along has been the fate

of far too many in our midst—

the homeless, the hungry, the ill

or disabled, those living paycheck to

paycheck, every “other.”

Might our present tense-ness

foster empathy with those who must

as a matter of course edge

so tentatively around roadblocks,

over paths so unevenly paved?


Carol Kanter’s poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies. FinishingLine Press published her two chapbooks: “Out of Southern Africa,” and “Chronicle of Dog.” Three art books marry Carol’s poems to her husband’s photography —'No Secret Where Elephants Walk', work from Africa; 'Where the Sacred Dwells', 'Namaste', work from India, Nepal and Bhutan; and 'Where Forest Temples Whisper' work from SE Asia (See


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