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Rivets of Peace, a Poem by Paige McBride

gazing bosom,

the famous are bound –.

shimmering roots sail.

sweet noble,

rivets of peace fill the earth.

savory salt yields crystal.

there is a lion inflamed in the distance.

pacer voice,

my spine births flocks

and backbones

that are not frail horseshoes.


Paige McBride is a poet and artist who lives in Dunedin, Florida. She earned a BA in English -Creative Writing – Poetry, a Masters in Library and Information Science, and a Masters in Creative Writing – Poetry at Saint Leo University. Her poems have appeared in Sandhill Review, Calla Press, Straylight Literary Magazine, Saint Katherine Review, West Trade Review, Tulane Review, Heartwood Literary Magazine, American Chordata, Sunset Liminal Press, aaduna, Literary Juice, Burningword Literary Journal, and The Wayfarer among others.


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