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Resist the Urge, a Poem by Sueann Wells

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

For the collection: 'Life in the time of #COVID'

Resist the Urge - Modern Poetry

Resist the urge

to visit friends, have playdates at home,

hug neighbors, visit grandparents.

This is exactly why we have the shelter-in-place order to begin with.

Oh heavens and

Resist the urge

to go out partying, feeling young, carefree, invincible.

The virus has no age parameters on either end

grannies are dying in hordes, but now so are

foolish youngins. No one’s immune.

Resist the urge

to condemn neighbors for smiling, waving hello,

offering help to at-risk human beings.

Social distancing does not exclude friendliness –

just from a distance and with thought and caution.

Resist the urge

to snap at everyone not mirroring your choices to a T

as long as they’re following the official orders

Everyone deals with stress differently;

Be patient, kind, and humans will persevere.

Resist the urge

to binge chocolates, chips, and pizza just because you’re home.

Yes, we’re social-distancing, but that doesn’t mean we eat our way through

punishing our bodies and causing new problems when it’s over.

Resist the urge

to drain your bank account and stock portfolio.

Yes, it’s devastating to watch investments plummet

But it will crash the entire economy if we all evacuate and

we’ll have nothing to catch us when the pandemic’s over.

Resist the urge

to buy chicks to pass your family time in quarantine.

Yes, they’re a good science project now

but they’ll live and require care for years after.

Resist the urge

to spiral into depression and stay in bed

all day all week all month until the pandemic clears

Find hobbies around the house read, paint, hike, bike, enjoy the coming spring

It will be okay.

This too will pass.

Resist the urge

to doubt yourself and your worth

relish the beauty around you, the compassion in many,

ignore the negativity, find joy and peace in who you are,

what you can do, who you have around you.

Just be.


Sueann Wells is a full time mom of three young girls, a part time English teacher at her local community colleges, an avid community volunteer and scout leader. She has been a freelance writer and editor for the past twenty years. She has had several anthologies and many individual poetry and prose pieces published over the years.

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