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'Power' - Spoken Word, a Poem by by 'Undisclosed'

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Power - Contemporary Poetry
Photo by Miguel Bruna


Black power

White power

All people power

Black, Brown, Red, White, Yellow

We all bleed red

We are one race: Human

Your people

My people

All people

Black lives matter

White lives matter

All lives matter

Every side’s got its history

We just need to dig far back enough

Every colour has its good and bad

Colour should not dictate rights, privileges or position

And when it does it is up to us to set it right

We must stand up for the rights of the voiceless

Prejudice and oppression are not a fiction of imagination

Every human deserves respect

Equal rights to freedom and opportunities

When all is said and done

We brought nothing to this world and will leave one thing

Our legacy

Be on the right side of history, leave a praiseworthy legacy.


Valiant Scribe is an initiative trying to raise awareness for human rights issues around the world.


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