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Non-Essentials, a Poem by C.J. Williams

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

all, in masks, and the boy, in thunderbird-pokemon pants

asks mom, how come?

the question lasts and the sign on the storefront, splashed



the one next door is a grocery store.

all, in masks, we non-essentials go--

while essentials

man the lines, designed for essential finds

that non-essential members


unable to grasp

the hands of those all, in masks, whose presence

is the non-essential necessity

that makes the essential things necessities


C.J. Williams is a storyteller. She forms connections, builds relationships, and weaves stories as a freelance writer, a creative consultant and director for small films and studios, and as the editor for her literary journal, "Shiki's Strings and Small Things". She also occasionally writes blogs about celiac disease and traveling at "Tumbling Gluten-Free," and on "Get It Writ."


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