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New Neighbors, a Poem by Lancelot Schaubert

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

For the collection: 'Life in the time of #COVID'

New Neighbors - Modern Poetry
Photo by Mark Basarab ~ Unsplash

This green haven I know

Bears evidence of new neighbors:

Maybe I should bring some flowers?

Welcome them to their new digs?

Twenty-five muddy patches

I saw on my ascent to Samuel Morses’s pillar

No more graves left to rent

Will And Testament burials

Deeded to die here by family left

Worded to die no by Corona

It’s louder in Greenwood

Sobs echo in barrowdowns

Children skip, enmasked, among the pink, the white

Tulip trees

Climbing bay and beech

Soldiers of sprouts. Spies of saplings. Tinkers of twigs

Tailors mending a tomorrow

Sewing seeds in a patchwork quilt.


Lancelot Schaubert writes, produces, directs, makes, and advocates for those who do all four. He thinks Shakespeare said we should kill all the lawyers cause that was before they invented literary agents. Let's play madlibs: he lives in [place] with his [person], with whom they rescued two [animals] and often eat [exotic food]. Cause that's more interesting than the usual "in Brooklyn... with wife... two cats... tamales" or whatever. Visit his website at:


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