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Moon in the Time of Coronavirus, a Poem by Michael Shen

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

moon veiled by tissue clouds

glides through,

flirtatious filly, back slapper, money man,

and filters light fickle on our rock,

where winds shift and swirl

facts play siren to our desires,

writhe and,

silky slick,

deadly dance,

with grasping minds and appetites.

who wants to shipwreck dreams,

upset tales that salve the soul…

and line the pocket?

the world in change

ablaze in fear and fire

biblical pestilence descends with wrath.

locusts, coronavirus

earthquakes and mountains vomit flames

the Nile poised to abandon the pharaohs.

scientific miracles

divined and yoked

by lucre and might

render twisted promises.

martial and monetary incendiaries

lay waste worldwide.

tyranny assesses utility,

gloved or mailed fist.

ripples growing, converging

to a towering tsunami.

and yet,

with each spring the sun embraces Gia

and life renews,

Sojourner Truths rise from the earth

and smash chains of oppression and fear,

neighbors open their hands

to strangers without expectation,

friends lift the night with laughter and song,

Romeos and Juliets emanate love, ecstasy.

the moon lights up the night.


Michael Shen was born in China but has lived in the United States for over 70 years. He retired years ago after working as a psychologist, carpenter, and, for over 30 years, a civil rights lawyer. He began writing poetry 4 years ago. He has had a few poems accepted for publication, at Euphony Journal, Poets Choice, and Anacua Literary Arts Journal.


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