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Loving My Enemies, a Poem by Clara Klein

Photo by Marco Bianchetti

When trouble lies ahead

And evil shows its face,

I am urged to retribution,

But fight a different war.

I do not consider them enemies,

Yet they find me as one

Without knowing my background,

My life, or my mind.

I need help to love my adversaries.

It is so easy for us to hate.

Let me remove myself from the conflict

So I can see it from the outside.

I want to understand them

And see their point of view -

How difficult their circumstances

That forces them to lash out.

Let me feel compassion

For mindsets unlike my own.

Where I have misgivings,

To be brave and show trust.

Let me extend my hand first

To join my wounds to theirs.

All of us are hurting

And all in need of love.

May all of us find the goodness

So that no more harm is done.

If we can see truth illuminated

Community becomes one.


Clara Klein is a Christian writer, authoring poetry and prose that looks for inspirational ways to deal with life’s challenges. She has written for Agape Review, Pure in Heart, God and Nature, and other Christian publications.


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