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Journey into Winter, a Poem by Peter Kaczmarczyk

Journey into winter in a mother’s eyes

Sun shines through, fleeting moments

A lucid smile breaks the clouds

Reminders of her summer life

Of curiosity and passion

Love of nature

Commitment to causes

Though always, the winter fog again descends

Early morning calls, panicked words

Confusion becoming a permanent state of mind

Her gratefulness is almost painful

I remind her

That I am only giving back

What she gave to me

That I am a reflection of her

Of how she raised me

In her springtime

I fear the days

When I struggle to keep

My own demons at bay

I cannot give in to them

I’m needed as her guide

To provide winter warmth

And familiarity

The journey is slow

I must take it with her

I must hold on to myself

Wrap myself against winter

For at least another day


Peter Kaczmarczyk was raised in New England and has lived the last 30 years in Southern Indiana. His works are inspired by, and grounded in his life, loves, travels, and experiences. Peter strives to create poems that are without pretense and accessible to all and hopes that his words will resonate with those who read them. He is always surrounded by cats. He has been published in the anthology Hidden in Childhood and the Passionfruit Review. He is co-creator of the Captain Janeway Statue in Bloomington, Indiana.


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