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'Four-Letter Word' & 'Test Me I'm Positive', a Poem by Amelia Thompson

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Four-Letter Word - Modern Poetry

Excuse my French. This four-letter word. A mouthful as it skates pass teeth spoken, yet not heard. Tasted yet not savored. Making you uncomfortable It was meant to. To remind you you’re not the end nor the beginning And that it reminds me too. Taking up more space than it should. Wearing out its welcome. It sits down with you. Desires to stay awhile To make your home its home. and to make you at home with it. Seduced by the busy you rush pass it out the door. But it comes along for the day of chores Insisting you remember it is not out of reach No, the word is near you; the word is on you and the word is excellent. it is on your lips and in your heart so that you may delight in it. REST and see that it is good.


Amelia performs a spoken word rendition of "Test Me I'm Positive"


Amelia Thompson completed undergraduate studies at Vassar College and graduate school at St. John’s University. She loves pad see ew and currently serves in the Youth and Community Affairs Departments at her local church, Christian Cultural Center. With friends, she uses poetry to help build community. Find out more at Contact her at


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