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Asylum, a Poem by Ed Meek

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

It’s as easy as cutting a cord,

to separate the mothers and children—

the ones seeking asylum

from gangs and violence,

so desperate to flee

they’ll risk seizure

by the border patrol

and customs agents who need

at least two officials—

one who grabs the kids,

the other the mothers—

pinning their arms from behind,

to pry them apart

like oysters.

The agents must learn to ignore

the crying and screams.

They have a job to do,

commands to obey

that come all the way

from the top.

Really, it’s as simple as turning a lock,

as easy as pulling a trigger.


Ed Meek has had poems published in The Sun, North Dakota Quarterly, and Plume. His new book, High Tide, came out last summer.


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