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ADHD & Me, a Poem by Haylee Silvia

An adjective people throw around

when feeling energetic or unfocused.

A joke for most is a reality for me.


Countless days witnessing

the sunrise and sunset,

medicating myself on

two melatonin gummies

as an attempt to force

my brain to rest.



Tabs upon tabs of assignments

untouched because my brain

struggles to take a deep breath

in the constant flood.

The tiniest bit of background noise

and movement in class

pull my attention from lessons.

Zoning out no matter how hard I try,

Do you even care what I have to say?



My brain powered by a motor

and I can’t seem to find the off switch.

I struggle to remain still,

hands fidgeting and legs bouncing.

Excessive talking I struggle to control,

Do you ever shut up?

and Stop interrupting me!



Grain size problems make me feel

overwhelmed, anxious, and irritated.

My body goes into panic

and I struggle to breathe.

The watch on my wrist flashing

warning me of my heart rate, 125 BPM.



Stimulants help me feel improvement,

this must be what it feels like to be normal.

I am hit in the face with my toughest battle,

loss of appetite and weight loss.

The remarks of others,

Wow, you are very thin

and Eat a hamburger or something

do wonders to improve my problem

that I cannot control.

My six-hour timer ends

and I am back to being me.



Haylee Silvia is a poet born and raised in Falmouth, Massachusetts. A Cape Cod local who loves watching the waves at the beach. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and going on spontaneous adventures with friends.


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