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Valiant Scribe is under the care of Debra Valley, an award-winning writer, and poet born in Nigeria.


Since first being recognized, she has been published in over 100 anthologies, magazines, journals, and devotionals in a number of countries. 


She has also been invited by organizations, groups, and schools to give talks on poetry and creative writing. 

She is an Advisory Board Member for RenewToday, which works at the nexus of faith, social enterprise, and philanthropy. The organization houses: WeDeliverPeriod, Brooklyn By Faith, and WeWriteLife.


She also co-leads the Redeemer Writers Group in New York. 

Details on her engagements, publication history, and awards are captured below.

Engagements,  & Interviews 
Awards &



October 4th, 2020 Poets Corner - Trinity Church Wall Street, New York City

February 26th, 2020 - Black Poets - Poetry at the Players, New York City

December 19th, 2019 - Headlining the Queens Public Library Open Mic and Reading Series in Forest Hills, Queens, NY

December 14th, 2019 - .WeDeliverPeriod. Impact Concert, at Repair the World - Brooklyn, New York

December 10th, 2019 - Redeemer Writers Annual Winter Reading, New York City

November 19th, 2019 - Panel discussant on “On Readings: How to Book Readings and Present with Confidence."  RWG, New York

November 10th, 2019 Trinity Fall Bi-Annual Poetry Festival, New York City

July 28th, 2019 - The 9th Annual New York City Poetry Festival at Governors Island

June 12th, 2019 - Traveling to Another Land - Poetry at the Players, New York City

May 28th, 2019 - Redeemer Writers Annual Spring Reading, New York City

May 8th, 2019 - Tell me a story - Poetry at the Players,  New York City

March 27th, 2019 - Poetry and Live Jazz at W83 NYC

February 28th, 2019 - Open mic poetry at Forest Hills Library, New York

December 12th, 2018 - Redeemer Writers Winter Reading, New York City

October 24th, 2018 - Poetry at the Players, New York City

October 5th, 2018 - Wedeliverperiod. Concert at Repair the World New York City

July 28th, 2018 - The 8th Annual New York City Poetry Festival at Governors Island 

August 2nd, 2020 - Interview on Game Play Radio, titled "The Steadfast and the Rebellious with Valiant Scribe"

November 18th, 2019 - Interview on the 100th episode of the "The Truth to Power Show" on Radio Free Brooklyn 

July 16th, 2019 - Episode 2.3: Debra Ayis on the podcast 'Unsuitable with Mary B. Safrit'
April 4th, 2014 - 'Interview with Debra Ayis' by Chris Brine of Brine books publishing
November 17th, 2010 - ‘Ultimate Unsigned’ interview by Bradley Kirsten of 1Africa Radio Station South Africa
October 1st, 2010 - Interview by Bradley Kirsten host of Kickstart on 1Africa Radio Station South Africa

Poems: Coming of Age, No Hero (Part 3), and Alone Together, 54th Edition of the Round Table Literary Journal in 2020, Hopkinsville Community College.
Devotional Article: How to argue with your significant other, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Apr. 2020
Poem: Together, Boundless: The Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival Anthology 2020, Apr. 2020 
Devotional Article: 3 Tips to Revitalize your Devotional Time, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Jan. 2020
Poems: We Did Good? and Hope, Heart of Flesh Literary Journal - Issue Two, Winter 2019, Dec. 2019
Poem: The Night Called, Life at a Crossroads - City University of New York (CUNY) Killens Review of Arts & Letters - Fall/Winter 2019, Sept. 2019
e-Book: Awaiting Dawn: Echoes of a Haunted Soul, Sept. 2019
e-Book: Thoughts and Memories: A Collection of Poetry, Sept. 2019
Devotional Article: 3 Ways to Shield your Mind, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Aug. 2019
Poem: No Hero, Literature Today (Vol. 9), Jul. 2019
Poem: My Routine,  Pen to Paper - A Teenage Perspective, Anchor Books, Sept. 2005
Poem: Free, Poetic Perspectives, Poetry Now, Oct. 2005
Poem: FreeA Time to Rhyme, Anchor Books, Feb. 2006
Poem: Dreams, Free Falling - A Collection of Free Verse from Poetry Now, Poetry Now, Mar. 2006
Poem: My Puzzle,  Immortal Verse, International Society of Poets, Mar. 2006
Poem: Dreams, Inspired Reflections 2007, Triumph House, Aug. 2006
Poem: Her Smiling Face, In Your Arms, Anchor Books, Sept. 2006
Poem: My Puzzle, Teen Poets - The Wisdom of Youth, Young Writers, Sept. 2006
Poem: The Journey of the Dark Valley,  Natural Spirit, Triumph House, Oct. 2006
Poems: My Routine, Free, Been All You've Got, Winds, Emotions, The Couple, Dreams, Psalm, Settle, There, My Puzzle & Her Smiling Face, The Light of the Shade, Spotlight Poets, Oct. 2006
Poem: Sand Dunes, Sights to Behold, Forward Press, Oct. 2006
Poem: Seas, The Beauty of Existence, Anchor Books, Nov. 2006
Poem: Sand Dunes, Away with Words around the Globe, Young Writers, Jan. 2007
Poem: Searching for You, From the Heart, Forward Press, Feb. 2007
Poem: Free Spirit, Immortal Verse, International Society of Poets, May 2007 
Poem: Need, Daily Reflections 2007, Forward Press, Aug. 2007
Poems: Nature, Sand Dunes, Celebration, His Love, My Belief, My Life, Time is Nigh, Cold, Rain, Blue Sky, Flower & Down to Earth, Nature's Faith, Spotlight Poets, Nov. 2007
Short Story: The Chase, As the Story Goes..., New Fiction, Nov. 2007
Poem: Waiting for a Lecture, Nature's Paradise, Forward Press, Feb. 2008
Poem: Sand Dunes, Immortal Verse, International Society of Poets, May 2008
Poem: Celebration, To Smile Away (The Hours), Forward Press, Jun. 2008
Poem: My Stance, The Art of Life, Anchor Books, Sept. 2008
Poem: The Needy, Awakening Inspiration, Poetry Now, Sept. 2008
Poem: Spring, Life's Serenity, Forward Press, Sept. 2008
Poem: Psalm,  Thought & Reflections for Throughout the Year, Forward Press, Sept. 2008
Poem: My Stance,  Life's Little Treasures, Forward Press, Oct. 2008
Poem: Dear...(for Ishita Saran), Family and Friends, Forward Press, Oct. 2008
Poems: One Romantic Night & Searching for You, Love's Many Mysteries, Forward Press, Mar. 2009
Poem: Celebration, Tides of Life, Forward Press, Apr. 2009
Poem: I May Not..., United in Words, Poetry Now, Apr. 2009
Book: Through the Looking Glass: A Collection of Poetry by Debra Ayis, Raider Publishing International, Jun. 2009
Poem: My Own Unique Garden, Indulge Magazine: Issue 25 (May/June Edition), Indulge Health and Fitness Nigeria, Jun. 2009
Poem: Sway, Seasonal Gifts and Nature's Glories, Forward Press, Jun. 2009
Poems:  Farewell to a Friend & One Romantic Night, For the Duration..., Forward Press, Jun. 2009
Poem: Searching for You, An Ode to Optimism, Forward Press, Jun. 2009
Poem: The Needy, Poetic Expressions, Poetry Now, Jun. 2009
Poem: Flood, In the Flight of Fancy, Anchor Books, Jun.2009
Poem: That Hooded Figure, Images in Ink, Forward Press, Jul. 2009
Poem: Flood, Poetry Rivals' Collection 2009 - Lines of Light and Shade, Poetry Rivals, Jul. 2009
Poem: Time is Nigh, The Chessboard of Life, Forward Press, Aug. 2009
Poem: Waiting for a Lecture, My Words are my Voice, Forward Press, Sept. 2009
Poem: God's Love, Indulge Magazine: Issue 27 (Sept/Oct Edition), Indulge Health and Fitness Nigeria, Sept. 2009
Book: Thoughts and Memories, Dovic & Faith Publishers Nigeria, Dec. 2009
Poem: Phoenix, From Coast to Coast: A Forward Press Regional Collection, Forward Press, Mar. 2010
Poem: Changing Times, Captured Creativity, Forward Press, Apr. 2010
Poem: Flood, Inspired Minds, Forward Press, Apr. 2010
Poems: At me, Farewell to a Friend, Father, I Think of You, I Have Changed, I Will Miss You, Ma Mere, My Sister/My Liner, Not Alone, Only Friendship, Our Love & Sleeping Brothers,  Life's Tapestry, Spotlight Poets, Apr. 2010
Short Story: Eliza's Day In, Days Like These, New Fiction, Apr. 2010
Poem: One Romantic Night, A Tapestry of Thoughts: A Forward Press Contributor's Collection, Forward Press, May 2010
Poem: Phoenix, Poetry Rivals' Collection 2010 - The Passions of the Poet, Poetry Rivals, Jul. 2010
Poem: That Hooded Figure, United in Inspiration: The Golden Grove Appeal Poetry Collection, Forward Press, Sept. 2010
Poem: Closer, Forward Press Regionals 2010: The World is Your Oyster, Forward Press, Sept. 2010
Poem: New Morn, Under Starlit Sky: A Collection of Poetry, Forward Press, Oct. 2010
Poem: Changing Times: The Nigerian Woman, Forward Poetry (Online), Sept. 2011
Poem: Only Friendship, A Symphony of Life: A Collection of Poetry, Forward Poetry, 2011
Poem: Farewell to a Friend, Reflections: A Collection of Poetry, Forward Poetry, 2011
Poem: Misplaced, Reflections: A Collection of Poetry, Forward Poetry, 2011
Poem: Changing Times, Poetry Collection 2011 - The Poet in Life, Forward Poetry, 2011
Poem: That Hooded Figure, Poetry Rivals Collection 2011 - In Mind & Heart, Forward Poetry, 2011
Poem: Ululation, What Lies Within - A Collection of Poetry, Forward Poetry, 2012
Poem: In December, Turning of the Tides - A Collection of Poetry, Forward Poetry, 2012
Poem: Spring, Spring to Life, Forward Poetry, 2012
Poems: No Hero & Rain, Inspired - A Collection of Poetry, Forward Poetry, 2012
Poem: Good and EvilYMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Jan. 2013
Poem: First LoveYMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Apr. 2013
Poem: Goodbye, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Apr. 2013
Poem: Hero, The World at War - Poems from the Battlefield, Forward Poetry, Sept. 2013
Poem: It's Gonna Be Okay, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Sept. 2013
Poem: Ma Mere, A Mother to Me, Forward Poetry, Sept. 2013
Poem: Reunion, Endless Love - Heart's Desire, Forward Poetry, Sept. 2013
Poem: Desert Sand, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Oct. 2013
Poem: You Are, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Oct. 2013
Poem: She LivesStand to End Rape, Oct. 2013
Poem: Ruined GoodsStand to End Rape, Oct. 2013
Poem: Not Alone, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Nov. 2013
Poem: Changing Times: The Nigerian Woman, Black Communion: Poems of 100 New African Poets (Artbeat Africa Anthologies) (Volume 1), Artbeat Africa, Jan. 2014
Poem: Too Costly to Trifle With, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Jan. 2014
Poem: A Little Every Day, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Jan. 2014
Poem: Ruined Goods, Brine Rights: Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes (Volume 1), Brine Books Publishing, Mar. 2014
Poems: End the Stigma, Brine Rights: Good Morning Justice (Volume 2), Brine Books Publishing, Aug. 2014
Poem: Hope, The Great British Write Off - Immersed in Words, Forward Poetry, Oct. 2014
Poem: You Taught Me to Trust, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Oct. 2014
Poem: Searching for You, Love is in the Air, Forward Poetry, 2014
Poem: Ululation (An ode to M), An Ode To..., Forward Poetry, 2014 
Poem: Waking, Off the Page - A Collection of Poetry, Forward Poetry, 2014
Poem: Time, Literature Today (Vol. 5), May 2016
Devotional Article: Africa: The Secret Behind Faith and Hope, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Sept. 2016
Devotional Article: When I realized Working Hard Isn't Everything, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Oct. 2016
Devotional Article: Should Christians be Optimistic or Cynical? YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Nov. 2016
Poem: Song of PraiseYMI Today, (Our Daily Bread Ministries) Nov. 2016
Devotional Article: 5 Ways to Love a Stranger this Christmas, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Dec. 2016
Devotional: 5 Ways to Love a Stranger this Christmas, Gift of Love - Five day devotional, Our Daily Bread Ministries, Dec. 2016
Book: Awaiting Dawn: Poems & Prayers, Edited by M.D. Valley, Faith Printers International, 2016
Poem: No Hero, Road to Success, Forward Poetry, Mar. 2017
Devotional Article: When (Not) to Follow Your Feelings, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Mar. 2017
Devotional Article: When My Best Friend Told Me Off, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Jun. 2017
Devotional Article: When Your Heart is in the Right Place - Is it Enough? YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Jun. 2017
Devotional Article: A Letter to my Future Self in 2027YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Dec. 2017
Devotional Article: It's Time to Re-Examine Why You Celebrate Christmas, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Dec. 2017
Devotional: It's Time to Re-Examine Why You Celebrate Christmas, 'Jesus: Joy of the Season' Reading Plan, Bible.com, Dec. 2017
Devotional Article: What it's Like to Celebrate Christmas Around the World, YMI Today (Our Daily Bread Ministries), Dec. 2018
Poem: No Hero, Literature Today (Vol. 9), Jul. 2019

1. Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award and Commemorative Award Medallion by the International Society of Poets 2006, U.S.

2.  ‘Talent for Writing’ a Youngwriter’s Creativity Award 2006, U.K.

3.  Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Crystal Award Trophy and Commemorative Award Medallion by the International Society of Poets 2007, U.S.

4.  ‘Talent for Writing’ a Youngwriter’s Creativity Award 2007, U.K.

5.  Poet Fellow 2007 by Noble House London, England.

6.  Editor’s Choice Award by the International Society of Poets 2007, U.S.

7.  2007 National Poetry Month Poetry Ambassador and the Official 2007 Commemorative U.S Poetry Ambassador Medal by the International Library of Poets / National Poetry Month Committee.

8.  Winner of 2009 Writing Competition (Poetry Category) on Nigerian Women: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow presented by Centre for Human Development (CHD) Nigeria, supported by Ford Foundation, Nigeria.

9. International Literacy Day Winner, September 2011 courtesy of Need 2 Know Books United Kingdom.

10. .WeDeliverPeriod. 2019 Period Impact Award. U.S.

March 17th,  2011 - Greensprings Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
October 18th, 2010 - Spotlight Poet's Success! Forward Poetry, United Kingdom




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