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The Owl, a Poem by Tasneem Hossain

Photo by Pete Nuji

I fly in the vast blue sky,

flying around seven continents and seven seas;

staying awake when the world sleeps.


There is hunger, there is greed;

Corruption and disease;

Grieving animals and humans are in need,

Inside their hearts they all bleed;


Animal and humans suffer in pain

from changing conditions,

that happen for selfish reasons to gain.

Corruption and destruction of nature

melts glaciers;

Temperatures rise,

Leading to world’s decline;


I sit on the trees in the middle of the nights,

Looking at the stars and northern lights.

I see in the dark, the reality of life;

The more I see, the less I talk.

The less I talk, the more I hear;

Now that I know the hunger and pain;

Disease and corruption of corrupted minds

It makes me wonder and think.


Was it better if I didn’t see?

I would have been content in my own company.

I wonder when all this will cease.

Till that day, I cannot rest in peace.


Tasneem Hossain is a multi-lingual poet from Bangladesh. She is also a fiction and op-ed writer, translator and trainer. Her writings regularly appear in magazines and dailies in the USA, Canada, UK, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Bangladesh.


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