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"Jaded", a Poem by Debra Ayis

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Jaded - Contemporary Poetry


by Debra Ayis

I am Jaded,

The pretense, treachery,

Deception and lies

Dark unyielding hearts controlled by hate

I am hardened

The wars, the conflict

Dead bodies pile up, no one is counting

Claiming ‘my loss is greater than yours’

And ‘my life is more important than the other’

I am immune

To kindness, love

Despair calls and beckons

Self – reigns supreme

National interest, perhaps a close second.

I have acknowledged

Your written word is true

The words come to pass.

Wars and rumors of war*,

There is room to love only one

– Self

I am jaded

Empathy becomes apathy

I am liberal but conservative

Or maybe it’s the other way around

Undefined and unrefined

Publicly politically correct

a hypocrite in line with the times

Greed, blood – war.


*Matthew 24: 6-12; 2 Timothy 3:2-5

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