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In His Footsteps, a Poem by Debra Ayis

Updated: Jan 28

In His Footsteps - Christian Literature

It feels like I have been a Christ follower from my mother’s womb

I look down memory lane

Night and day, months and years…

It shows my mistakes, my errors, and my flaws

I am found wanting

Truths that should never see the light of day

Skeletons in closets, ghosts under my bed, hidden from prying eyes

Hidden because they said growing up in Christ, I am supposed to be perfect

I have no excuses since I was privileged to know the son

I was to walk the walk and talk the talk

It is the Christian pledge, after all.

Sometimes I talk but fail to walk

So I hide it quickly; bury it deep within

No one must see my flaws.

But Christianity is not like living in a straitjacket

It's freedom from shackles holding you down

Boldness to let the light shine in the darkest shadows

Confidence to bare all and stand tall;

So, go ahead and throw those stones

But only if you are without sin

Better yet, I dare you to embrace me, flaws and all

In the same way, I promise to open my arms

To all those who are broken, thirsty, and finding their way home

Greek or Jew, new or old, walking together, following in the footsteps of Christ.


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