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Frequency a Poem by Oyetayo Eniola

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Written by Oyetayo Eniola.

What is this I feel?

My frequency is one that picks a lot but is rarely picked by others

Have I dived too deep for them to relate?

Or has the system corroded their senses

Vibrant and lively youths vibing to the wrong ideas

I’m stuck in my mind, feeding off the conversations with my spirit

Increasing myself as I aim for higher dimensions

Stuck on a plane where the older ones seem to me like children

Words to me, have lost the power to communicate

or maybe the knowledge of my people has become emaciated.

I write these words to ease the tension on my soul

Or maybe I have a message for my people

My spirit speaks, I listen

He instructs, I write

So now, I ask myself

Of what essence are these words that I have bled out?

What is their destination?

What is their purpose?

I am versed in a language that is not my own

While mine is as a malnourished fowl roaming the streets

And I take pride in myself, a proud fool

Condemning the many when I am crooked

I seek the source to these words just as I do my existence

With time both will be found.

I am Oblivion, and I do not seek to be remembered

Only, that Africa should remember.

Remember her roots

Remember herself

Remember her ways

And remember her fruits

Much has been forgotten

And many a mind are still asleep

Awake only in their dreams,

Dreams created for them and not by them.

Maybe my words are purposed to awaken these minds

But I am not fully MAN

Still, I will do what I am meant.


Oyetayo, Eniola (preferably Oblivion) is a 21-year-old, student of meteorology and climate science in Lagos, Nigeria. He is an Afrocentric creative inspired by the originality of African culture and civilization. When not writing he listens to music, reads novels, and researches history.

You can reach him on Twitter @ankarawhore


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