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Chosen Child, a Poem by Robert Funderburk

A woman chosen

Who would shame

The patience of Job

A boy born for trials

He would endure

Seldom with grace

But work his way to

The end of one after

Another after another

He stumbled much

Always arose knowing

Another enemy waited

As the mother shed

Her tears in solitude

Seeing in him

A heart as pure as

The rivers flowing

Through Eden


Robert Funderburk was born by coal oil lamplight in a tin-roofed farmhouse outside Liberty, Mississippi. He moved to Baton Rouge, graduated from LSU, served as SSgt USAFR (1965-1971) and now is a retired parole officer spending his time writing and enjoying a country home on fifty acres of wilderness with his wife, Barbara, in Olive Branch, Louisiana. Robert has had seventeen novels published, along with seventy-five poems and short stories in various literary journals.


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