UPDATE: 2021 Poetry Competition

A huge THANK YOU to all those who submitted to the "Vultures & Doves: Social Issues of Our Time" poetry competition.

We received and considered five hundred and forty-seven (547) admissible entries. 

Judging process: Blind Judging
To ensure fair and transparent consideration for each poem, Andrew Scott kindly processed all submissions to ensure each entry was saved as a separate Word document with no identifiable markers. 

After six rounds of deliberation, the judges voted for the finalists. 

We are pleased to announce that we will reveal the finalists on this website on 1st October 2021.


Click on the image below to access our latest showcase

An exclusive showcase of South African artist and poet: VaL Smit

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More recently, we've found ourselves drawn to stories of African, and Asian leanings, both from the respective continents and from peoples of African, and Asian descent in North America. We feature mainly poetry that seeks to bridge the gap in our understanding of the different cultures in each continent (we are aware that each viewpoint is unique) and their lived experiences.

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Howard Richard Debs,
CEO NewVoicesProject and Educational Press Association of America Distinguished Achievement Awardee

...I want to applaud your endeavor as every effort to give the creative arts their due such as yours is significant. Therefore, thank you.


Tricia Clarke,
Instructional Technology Coach and Adjunct Lecturer in Writing 

Powerful words... Thank you for your divinely inspired work!


Marc Morgenstern,
Former journalist and Emmy Award-winning TV news producer

...I've been enjoying reading your site tremendously.

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