Not Alone, a Poem by Debra Ayis

Updated: Feb 12

Not Alone - Modern Poetry

There are a number of Bible verses that explicitly state that God is with us and even more Bible stories that exemplify this truth, for instance, the story of Daniel and his friends thrown into the fire. The poem below is a piece that seeks to make this truth relatable in our day-to-day lives.

Not Alone

by Debra Ayis

Alone, yet not alone

I sit at a dinner table

Conversation surrounding me

I wave to someone I know

Mere acquaintances say, “Hello.”

We speak with sweet rapport

Laughing and talking excitedly

To some, we may look like friends

But honestly, we are just colleagues.

Alone yet not alone

I walk down a street

Crowded with people

I greet the neighbors

As I make my way home

I switch on the lights

and walk into the ominous silence

I have family abroad

I am alone tonight

I seek out entertainment,

Shows, movies, opera, and dramas

Yet, I am not entertained

I switch on my television

Laughing ‘til I cry

Now it’s time for bed

All is peaceful and quiet

I pick up my Bible

I flip to a verse

I am reminded

That I am not alone—

I have a friend, He’s Jesus

Though my family is away

And friends are rare to find

He is always with me

I will never be alone.


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