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"My Routine", a Poem by Debra Ayis

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

My Routine - Short Contemporary Poems



by Debra Ayis

I like the taste of lime

But hate the feel of slime

I dread the day to die

But love to lie to rest

To sleep at night

But ever so light

So by a slight sound

I become conscious

To wake in the morning

To do my chores ever so happily

To walk to my job

To work hard and earn my pay

To come home

So as to keep house again

To bake a cake

Or make a snack

To mix a drink

And have my meal

To quench my thirst for company

By going for parties

To keep me ever busy

As busy as a bee

To come home

To loneliness once again

To lie on my bed

And dread the day of death

For there will my routine end

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