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Little Hands - Baby's Prayer, a Poem by Debra Ayis

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Little Hands - Christian Literature

Little Hands – Baby’s Prayer

Dedicated to Jaden K. Hepburn

Little one,

Welcome to your temporal home

It’s harsh and bright, I know

But it will get better with time

May your wondering eyes see several moons

May life be kind to you

May the barge never leave your shores

Wisdom and honor will find a home with you

Contentment and innocence will grace your heart

This sojourn will grant you many memories to treasure

Little fingers grasping mine

Tiny feet finding ground,

May the earth welcome your footsteps

Keeping you grounded in truth and knowledge

May mercy and humility embrace you

Making you aware of humanity’s fragility

A fulfilled and impactful life will be your heritage

Destiny will smile down on you, making you at home with Him

You will be surrounded by family and loved ones

And you will walk with Him all your days on earth.

Little one,

Above all else,

Know that you are loved.

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