"In December" a Poem about Christmas

In December

by Debra Ayis

Late in December

A day to remember

I saw a burning ember

It beckoned like a beacon

In a day so cold and wintry

Making me shiver and my eyes watery

Who would have thought I would see a light?

One so revealing and bright

In a life I thought so blight

Because I faced a great plight

Yet the light took me to new heights

And gave me might

As I gazed steadily at that lone star

My eyes followed its shinning tail

I followed it like a trail

To behold a glorious sight

That took away my breath

I suddenly made a laurel wreath

As I looked upon a manger

I watched a baby cry in hunger

A heavenly revelation

An angelic visitation

On our humble habitation

This was my precognition

That one so great

Would come unto this planet

Our own realm of reality

To redeem its inhabitants

From definite eternal death,

And give them instead eternal wealth.

Yet that he would come

In form so helpless and comely

To a home so humble…

Suddenly I hear a deep rumble

The clouds are giving way

As the winds sweep them away

I looked before me

And behold shepherds

Grazing their herds

Gazing we saw an angel speak

And we heard

What only the shepherds

Would tell, as we saw

Angels appear and praise:

“Glory to God in the highest

And on earth to men

On whom His favour rests”

And I said to my soul

Thou art indeed favoured.

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