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End the Stigma, a Poem by Debra Ayis

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

End The Stigma - Modern Poetry


by Debra Ayis

Men can do no wrong

It had to be you; the woman.

You enticed him somehow

With your over-sized clothes

Naked unpainted face and untamed hair;

Your young innocent eyes,

Beguiled him like that of a practiced seductress

He took what was not his to take

His actions scarred you for life

He took your innocence

Making you a woman at the tender age of eleven

Yet society condemns the victim

Punishing till your blood is drained

Harlot they shout at you

They look at you like evil itself

No man will court you

Unsullied girls will not befriend you

So, when your friend told you what her uncle did,

You answered in fear,

knowing you had betrayed her to protect her future;

‘My dear friend, hold your peace and tell no one’

One martyr is enough.


First published in "Good Morning Justice: Brine Rights Vol 2" by Brine Books Publishing

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