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Credit to All the Front-line Healthcare Workers, a Poem by Ndaba Sibanda

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

For the collection: 'Life in the time of #COVID'

Credit to All the Front-line Health Workers - Modern Poetry

A planet

caught up

in anxiety,

a myriad, a cloud

of uncertainties

a globe

caught up

in the vortex

of a spiteful virus

calls for clear heads

that don't freak out

but stay calm, cool

enough to respond

to all possible preventive

measures and guidelines

A world

hard-pressed to find

a person who is unaffected

must restrict the spread

of a virus whose trail

is a hurt body, a loss

or a hurt health system

or a hurt economy

and a hurt humanity

The infected are to seek

medical attention pronto,

all persons are affected,

all to refrain from feeding

the chaos or anxiety

for there is life, a lesson

after the frenzied storm

as the health heroes

fight and sacrifice

with a bravery

that seeks to save

lives even to the core

of a breaking point

A turbulent time

calls for unity,

for the melting

of hearts,

there has to

be a merger

of purpose

for the sake

of humanity

Here is a hard-hit

earth that has to fight

the virus from various

angles but with a singularity

of purpose that knows no walls

of bias and ego but gates

of lenience

and alliance

For the front-line

healthcare workers—

the planet salutes them—

they can’t be thanked,

appreciated enough—

whether the cases

spike or decline

for their valor, verve,

love and selflessness.


Ndaba Sibanda is the author of 'Notes, Themes, Things, and Other Things,' 'The Gushungo Way,' 'Sleeping Rivers,' 'Love O’clock,' 'The Dead Must Be Sobbing,' 'Football of Fools,' 'Cutting-edge Cache,' 'Of the Saliva and the Tongue,' 'When Inspiration Sings In Silence,' 'The Way Forward,' 'The Ndaba Jamela and Collections,' and 'Poetry Pharmacy'. Sibanda is a 2019 Pushcart nominee.


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