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Corona Summer: Safe at Home, a Poem by Jim Andrukonis

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

For the collection: 'Life in the time of #COVID'.

Corona Summer: Safe at Home - Modern Poetry
Photo by Eduardo Balderas ~ Unsplash

No crack of the bat or sluice of dirt

As you fly feet-first into third.

No dramatic clang of the last school bell

No splash of chlorine

Whose pungent punch

Pulls you back to nostalgic joy.

No, it’s summer,


Barely noticed

Into the ambiance of your life.

Honeysuckle whispers a reminder,

Fireflies wink a knowing glance.

This summer has come

Not on little cat feet

But on the rumble of thunder

And the threat of a strike

More fearsome than lightning.

And yet we creep in


With care

With caring

With masks to save a soul’s reminder

Of days of uninfected joy,

Positively pure.

We march away from worry

Striving to link arms

And connect with august friends

Who matched us stride for stride

When our steps fell more lightly

On glistening paths

Caressed by morning dew.


Jim Andrukonis is a retired Speech + Drama and Creative Writing teacher from Fairfax County, VA and currently works part-time doing activities with a senior living facility as well as substitute teaching.  As a member of the Northern Virginia Writing Project, he was also co-director of its Young Writers Program for twenty-five years.


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