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Another Lock-down Day During the Covid-19 Crisis, a Short Story by Silas Rallings

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

For the collection: 'Life in the time of #COVID'

Another Lock-down Day During Covid-19 Crisis - Literary Piece
Photo by Selma Rizvic ~ Unsplash

This day was nice, no less than that, the smog calmed the sun into a tree of whispering leaves, the air smelled of silence, ants were building underground castles beneath the stones and paths, above a buzzard swung by followed by carrion bird calls now distinctive as halted was the bush and hedgerows twittering and cooing, under a bridge the trout had left the river and algae trailed in their wake, tufts of grass knotted on the hillside making it look like a molting mare, even the disobedience, of the peoples free congregating push despite the dangers they were in, was peaceful and there was this word nice, it came to me when I was there in awe.


Silas Rallings has been well received as a writer in Belfast, he has won the Studio NI poetry competition for 2018, been published in the anthologies, 'Where the River Flows' and LAVAs' 'Find', also to be published in Gruesome Grotesques' 'The Outer Zone' and 'Happenstance', is a contributor to Belfast's Phantasmagoria Magazine, CAP magazine, and the international online journal ActiveMuse.


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